Ascot Resources Ltd.


In March, 2010 the Company announced the signing of an Option Agreement to purchase a 100% interest of the 50% interest in the Mt. Margaret property held by General Moly Inc. in the St. Helens Mining district of Skamania county in Washington state.

The Mt. Margaret property covers a large portion of the undeveloped resource known as the Mt. Margaret deposit. This is one of the largest of the Cu-Mo-Au-Ag calc-alkaline porphyries of Miocene age in Washington state. Since discovery in 1969 Duval Corporation conducted numerous exploration programs and mine/metallurgical studies on Mt. Margaret deposit until the eruption of Mt. St. Helens halted all fieldwork in 1980.

The Mt. Margaret porphyry copper-molybdenum-gold-silver deposit is located 22.5 km southwest of Randle Washington in Skamania county. The Mt. Margaret deposit was discovered by Duval Corporation in 1969 and was actively explored annually from 1971-1980. By 1980, a total of 105 diamond drill holes totaling 20,729 metres had been completed.

The historic geological resource "non 43-101 compliant" stated by Duval, dated 1980 (Taylor) using a 0.33% CuEq cutoff.; is quoted below:

Mt. Margaret Geological Resource* --Source (CIM Special Volume 37, 1986)
Cu  Grade
Mo Grade
Gold Grade
Silver Grade
Geological Resource

* Geological Resources for the Mt. Margaret deposit are referenced in CIM Special Volume 37 as well as several USGS and GSC databases. These historical resource estimates predate the implementation of National Instrument 43-101 ("NI 43-101") guidelines and are not compliant with current accepted reserve and resource classifications as set forth by Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Aug 20, 2000 (CIM Guidelines). The Mt. Margaret resource estimates are considered relevant as they have been calculated on the basis of 20,729 metres of diamond drilling in 105 drill holes, However, Ascot has not completed the work necessary to have the historical estimate verified by a Qualified Person as a current mineral resource or mineral reserve estimate. The Company is not treating the estimate as a current NI 43-101 defined resource or reserve estimate and the historical estimate should not be relied upon. There is no current economic evaluation that demonstrates the potential economic viability of the stated resources therefore none of the geological resources should be considered "reserves" under current CIM Guidelines.

In order for the Company to purchase all of the interests of the Mt. Margaret property held by General Moly Inc. it must make the following payments:
  1. $ 100,000 US on signing (paid)
  2. $ 300,000 US fifteen months from the date of signing (paid)
  3. $1,600,000 US twenty seven months from the date of signing.

General Moly Inc will retain a 1.5% Net Smelter Return.

All payments have now been made and Ascot holds a 100% interest in the property subject to the 1.5% net smelter return.

Qualified Person

Graeme Evans, a consulting geologist to Ascot since 2009 is the Company's qualified person for the Mt. Margaret property.